Is MasterChefSA Ageist?

Chalk and cheese, last week’s MCSA and this.  The only agenda the two programs had in common was bulleting the oldest contestant, but at least there was no gratuitous cruelty tonight.  But why is MasterChefSA so ageist?

Oh yes, and last week Thin Chef wore a Woolies big suit.  Tonight, it was a Woolies big shirt.  But slap the Woolies marketing department on the wrist with a koek- or koessuster for flighting their admittedly brilliant ad for those 35-day aged thick cut steaks twice in consecutive ad-breaks.  But what glorious camera work – the steaks made everything cooked in the show look like takeaways.  This ad is so yummy, its almost worth signing up for a Woolies shopper card.  That and getting the 25% meat discount.

From a wine point of view, there was at least a teasing glimpse of Nederburg products but the whole winelands set and bucolic environment speaks to a brand at the top of its game.  The underlining of Nederburg as the premium lifestyle wine option was reinforced by the announcement that a dozen of SA’s sexiest brands are lining up to participate in the annual Nederburg Auction in September for the first time.

nederburg 300x235 Is MasterChefSA Ageist?


Brands like Almenkerk, who make one of Elgin’s most precise Sauvignon Blancs and Shannon who redefined what SA Merlot can taste like.  Strandveld Vineyards, who are rewriting the SA style book down Agulhas way, will be there as will Goose Wines who are doing a ditto out at George.  The appearance of Rupert & Rothschild is something of a coup while Wildekrans, who make stunning wines in Bot River, will benefit from the increased exposure the Auction brings.