SA wine farm owner wins St. Emilion Grand Cru tasting

Here at VinExpo Asia they do anti-Platter tastings: blind, as opposed to the sighted model of the major SA wine guide by hundreds of visitors to VinExpo, as opposed to the dozen and a half sacred palates of the Platter tasting team. And they get the correct answer: 2009 Chateau Destieux owned by M. Christian Dauriac (below) who also owns Marianne Estate on the Simonsberg.

20120601 021755 SA wine farm owner wins St. Emilion Grand Cru tasting

The wine was put together by Michel Rolland, the Bordeaux consultant Christian calls “my brother. I’ve never paid him for his input these many years”. Sweetly fruited and perfumed, it is easy to see why this wine was a popular choice. As for the 2010 vintage, Christian calls it “my best in 37 years making wine”.

I mentioned to Christian that we’d soon be intronising Marianne manager Alex Brodbeck into the SA chapter of the Commanderie de Bordeaux. “Great news. Then we can have a serious party to celebrate.”. SA commandeurs wil be hoping Christian brings some 2009 Destieux along with him.