Whale harpooned, again, for racism

While the world watches aghast as Japanese fishermen hammer metal spikes into the spines of bottle nose dolphins in Taiji Cove, Wakayama Prefecture, the killer whale of SA blogging, Chris von Ulmenstein (below), continues to feed his insatiable seafood habit and pork belly addiction.  Lord Muck with a mullet descended on Umi in Camps Bay and blogged his doggy bag. Let’s hope all his fish was green list sustainable, unlike his guest house, which was harpooned again yesterday on TripAdvisor:

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I stayed in a room in a separate part of the building from my 4 friends I came away with, the staircase (more like a ladder to a tree house) to my room (called: Penguin) was extremely steep and wobbly. Having read reviews prior to arrival I was a little apprehensive (Camps bay was fully booked so had to stay here), it didn’t take long to affirm the unpleasant nature of the owner, Chris. She really is in the wrong business, very rude and has not invested in this very tired property

von Ulmenstein 2

This pot boiler has more froth than Moby Dick! At Umi, his piggy whale eyes noticed “charcoal sketches of famous person (sic),e.g. Yoko Ono.” Yoko has already appealed to the Japanese public to stop killing dolphins. Perhaps Yoko will ask Chris to clean his guest houses next or at least stop molesting the English language.

Certainly the incipient racism exhibited in his ignorant restaurant review should be challenged by all right-thinking South Africans. “Although the same criticism I levelled at KOI Restaurant at The Ambassador about no Asian chefs being visible (0ne (sic) cannot see the food preparation at Umi) should apply to Umi too.” Racial stereotyping such as this leaves a particularly bad taste in the mouth of South Africans. Since when did a person’s appearance have anything to do with skill in the kitchen?