WOSA in retreat

The news that the biennial Cape Wine exhibition is to become triennial confirms that SA generic wine marketing is in full retreat. Instead of holding the show every year like WineX, the Jo’burg Wine Show and the Good Food and Wine Show, WOSA are bottling out. A second problem is their choice of sponsor for Cape Wine 2015: logistic company DHL Express. Which will surely alienate JF Hillebrand and the others.

dhl 615x615 WOSA in retreat

Logistic companies are clearly targeting SA wine with FedEx sponsors of JP Quickelberge’s Sediment TV series that kicks off the new year on KykNet.

Once again, tired old Tim Atkin is hauled out with a quote “there‚Äôs never been a better time to write about, taste or buy South African wine” especially for himself as WOSA funded two trips to the Cape in the first quarter of this year, alone. Although Tim says he paid for his wife’s ticket himself.

Am I the only person who thinks that rating the then WOSA chairman’s wine best in SA was ethically problematic when all the wines you write up are tasted sighted? Black Label indeed, a Black Day for SA wine ethics as well.

Of course Mr. Atkin selling his report that producers in effect paid him to write, is also problematic as well as an example of sharp business practices often employed by the UK sniff and spiteratti. Producers should demand to see the books and ask the hard questions to the WOSA board.