WOSA: too much lunch, not enough punch

The sterling 2015 export performance of Australian wine – volumes up in all 15 largest export markets – makes you wonder why SA exports are in such a mess. Down in our largest market, the UK, by 7% last year.

kan WOSA: too much lunch, not enough punch

The secret of the Aussie success is revealed in an e-mail from the CEO reporting back on Australia Day tastings last month. “More than 1000 Australian wines were presented to more than 1230 participants in the tastings across the three cities” London, Dublin and Edinburgh. Heck, that’s nearly a bottle per punter. With odds like these, its no wonder exports are up 14% to $2.1 billion or 23.6 billion Randelas. And they didn’t have the excuse of a Zuma currency¬†like us.¬†

Surely the time has come to admit defeat, close down WOSA and hire Nando’s to market SA wine overseas. They could give the stuff away with a peri-peri chicken to boost sales. As one Darling producer commented “WOSA: too much lunch, not enough punch.” He’s not wrong.