Diamonds from Namaqualand

What a week for diamonds. On Friday the richest man in SA, Christo Wiese, gobbled up alluvial diamond miner Trans Hex like a bowl of spaghetti with garlic clams at Magica Roma, best restaurant in Pinelands and nerve centre for Wine Magazine when it still published deadtrees. We TSX shareholders are happy, hoping for R5 a share – about what you pay a car fly at Magica to look after your Range Rover.

IMG 6662 615x461 Diamonds from Namaqualand

But diamonds are not the only gems from the West Coast. Above are 27 wines our WellsFaber black magic sommeliers will be tasting and which will be open for public delectation in the Porter’s Lodge of the Cape Town Club between 5-7pm this afternoon. Namaqualand coming to Queen Victoria Street makes perfect sense as Cecil John Rhodes paid for the club building and he also founded De Beers, for ages the diamond club of the world. A role being rapidly reprised by Oom Christo, although he’s so nice, no one would dare throw poo at him. Not even a UCT student.