Aperitif for the Advocate

Elizma Visser from Olifantsberg in the Breedekloof did more to advance the cause of Chenin than a thousand Chenin Blanc Association luvvie lunches at Delaire Graff with hot and cold imported UK bloggers. By presenting a bottle of Olifantsberg to the Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela, at the Cape Town Club last night, Elizma ticked so many boxes: transformation of SA wine, female winemakers, Breedekloof as an authentic wine appellation, Chenin for the best of the best.

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There was no sponsorship from dodgy banksters. No jus and foams, just simple grilled fish and Chenin in non-Riedel stemware. No lizards, saggy bottoms, bald eagles or WOSA waste-of-spacers. Just the people’s wine for the people’s protector. Served at the most multiracial wine function of the year. Even Thuli’s seven bodyguards gave it a thumbs up.

As a welcome aperitif the 214 guests were treated to a liquid showcase of Breedekloof Chenin with the favourites the Carl Everson from Opstal Estate and the one from Merwida. Could this be the first swallow of an authentic summer, when PRs eschew the over-priced, over-sauced bling bistros that SA consumers leave to well-heeled tourists and WOSA guests (surely the same thing? ed.)

Of course not, as the pampered possie of pretentious pouters AKA the Cape wine snifferati would not dirty their crocs in everyday venues. But then who reads their tortured treatises, anyway? If PRs weren’t paid by their tweets, they’d fade away like the morning dew on a Breedekloof daisy.