Deaf tastings

The Platter wine label guide is busy gearing up for its annual launch at the nervous Nellie. The event is appropriately scheduled for Haloween as there is no shortage of witches among the astronomers dishing out stars. So the old arguments about the merits of sighted tastings are getting a dusting.

Of course there are none, but the question this year is what about deaf tastings? I was first alerted to the aural pleasures of MCC last week at the Domaine des Dieux vertical at Villa 47 by dashing sommelier around town Xavier Didier. Is Xavier a member of a dying club as the Nellie reckons that sommeliers are surplus to requirements for a five star hotel? They don’t have one after Pearl Oliver jumped ship for the Taj and Blacc. So of course Diner’s Club couldn’t think of a better venue to launch their tired old guide. A tired old hotel under rennovation that has given up on wine. Just like the Taj then.

IMG 6836 e1476111767157 615x820 Deaf tastings

To investigate pleasures aural, Graham Beck, the bubbly brand, hosted a lunch at The Stack today. One road behind the Nellie, the Stack is light years out in front. The food was exquisite. A single paparazzi pic should win that argument. Come to think of it, this is what Freak Out (surely Eat Out? ed.) should do – scrap the restaurant reviews and focus on stylish food photos. Claire Gunn could do the whole thing without a shot being fired. Which would free fabulous editor Dear Abby up for more imporant things such as sorting out Bree Street – the San Sebastian of SA.

IMG 6868 615x461 Deaf tastings

The duck main was so succulent, my Canon went mysteriously out of focus. Or perhaps it was the aural performance of Gerrit Bruwer of La Mouette fame who was entranced by the tunes of someone called Clive. Clive of India, perhaps?

IMG 6865 e1476112247246 615x820 Deaf tastings

I’d forgotten the tunes of Pieter Ferreira who is the Johnny Clegg of Champagne. He even has the veldskoene once he unpacks his bags from Turkey. My bestie was the Brut Zero 2011 as it sounds like a deodorant for the psyche. 100% Chardonnay, its so less French than Blanc de Blanc. In fact it sounds very Japanese.

Crayon Shin chan 011 615x369 Deaf tastings

Perhaps more Doraemon (below) than Crayon Shin-chan (above) as Dora is Gayla for “drink” and I was seated at a Gay-friendly table at the Stack.

dora 615x369 Deaf tastings

But am I the only one to find being winked at by a giant blue cat, slightly disturbing? Better than pink elephants, I suppose. But perhaps this is why they want to ban Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan in India and Pakistan.