Positively 4th Street

The news that Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize for literature comes as a huge marketing win for Distell. Bob’s 2nd greatest song is Positively 4th Street and Distell’s happy drinking brand has the same address.


With volumes closing in on 100m litres, most sold to Young Black Sistahs in township taverns making good use of the 66% unemployment rate for this cohort, the 63g of residual sugar may leave a bitter taste in the mouths of wine snobs. But when the social stokvels buy the stuff in bulk, that the consumer is always right is a no-brainer. Sources say the 4th Street is starting to challenge ciders as the cash cow for the olfactory octopus of Oak City.

The joke is that 4th Street is a place – you just don’t know where. So that settles the terroir argument. As to cultivar, when the muscadel flavour is engineered from grape concentrate by imported consultants, the whole concept of single vineyard wines becomes irrelevant. Who would have thought that Distell CEO Richard Rushton would have achieved his first goal of making wine without winemakers, so effortlessly.

Le Bonheur has been sold to the French and Uitkyk is on the block – although R150 million is way too cheap for me as a shareholder. After all, yesterday the estate was one of the First National Blanc Top Ten Sauvignons in the most controversial list of Sauvignon quality since the last one.