Poison Of The Week ? Fortaleza Blanco Tequila

When life gives you lemons, add salt and tequila! One of the world’s finest tequila’s is finally available in South Africa, and we highly recommend that you stock up people, because this stuff keeps the fiesta feisty! Launch Date: 2017 How it’s made: It takes about 7 to 8 years to grow and mature the ripe blue agave. Once harvested, it is baked in a traditional stone or brick oven for around 30 hours. Then it’s crushed using a 2-ton volcanic stone (called a Tahona) to squeeze out the juices. Volcanic water is added, and any remaining fibers removed before it is fermented in open-air wood tanks. Once fermentation is complete, the distinct flavor is created by twice distilling the liquid in two small copper pots – which have been in place since the distillery was built over 100 years ago! Colour: Crystal clear Aromas: Earthy aromas of baked agave, backed with notes of dried berries and citrus. There are also hints of butter and olive. Flavours: Starting off soft and sweet with classic citrus, cardamom, white pepper and minerals with a creamy and delicate mouthfeel. There are also hints of vanilla, basil, olive and lime.Finish: Clean and full, with a touch of sweet agave, bold spice and minerals. Cool fact: Fortaleza is a 100% agave tequila that is hand-crafted in small batches in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. The distillery is family owned and can be found nestled on the slopes of an extinct volcano. Try one at: Its also available from Norman Goodfellows, MAKRO, Tops and other leading bottle store retailers. Best served: Chilled. Sip it neat, or on the rocks… or try a devilishly good Fortaleza Margarita Fortaleza Margarita Recipe Add 3⁄4 oz of fresh squeezed lime juice, 1 oz of Cointreau, triple sec or another orange… Continue Reading

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