Vegan Food and Wine Pairing

0shares 0Share 0Tweet 0Google+ 0Pin 0Print 0EmailThis wine, for that dish So much wine, so little time. Here are some standout vegan-friendly wines to try this November in celebration of World Vegan Month, paired with delicious recipes from our magazine. Written by Malu Lambert, food & wine writer What is a vegan-friendly wine in the first place? Animal products derived from milk, eggs, fish as well as gelatine are used in a part of the winemaking process to fine and clarify the wine before bottling. Wines that are fined with bentonite (a type of clay) are vegan-friendly as are wines that are unfined and unfiltered (unless they’re biodynamic wines, as animal bones are used in compost mixtures of the vineyards). Springfield Life from Stone 2018, R105 (cellar door) All of Springfield Estate’s wines are vegan-friendly. Life from Stone is named for the rocky soils in which it is grown. This sauvignon blanc is famed for its flinty, mineral character with vibrant grapefruit and citrus characteristics and creamy, leesy undertones. Pair with: Marinated baby marrow, broad bean and walnut salad with lime and olive dressing WIN: Springfield Estate is a family farm in Robertson, run by ninth-generation descendants of the French ?