Put a PAW in it! Wine Bottle Stoppers For Vino Loving Cat People

It’s sometimes good to remind ourselves to live and have fun, just like a cat. Designed to keep air out of wine bottle and slowing oxidation rates, these cat shaped wine bottle stoppers are made for cat lovers and wine enthusiast who enjoy the best of both worlds. In stead of putting a cork in it, we say put a paw in it!

Silver Cat Bottle Stopper

Made for those moments when a purring cat distracts you from finishing a bottle of wine, this air-tight wine stopper will help seal all the juiciness inside.

Gold Cat Bottle Stopper

Add a touch of KAT class to your bar with this Gold Cat wine stopper.

Black Cat Halloween Wine Bottle Stopper

The Black Cat glass wine stopper is for those who enjoy the value of artistic presentation when it comes to Halloween. It’s an eye-catching work of art that says something about you and your PURRsonality. If you are a fan of Black Cat Peanut Butter, get ready to give up your left arm for a piece of Black Kat Kature.

Christmas Cat Wine Stopper

Christmas Cat bottle stopper worthy of a toast! This unique, handmade, blown glass wine bottle stopper is full of color and wonder. Skilled artisans create each piece by hand leaving no two exactly alike. Enclosed in a gift box. Fits a variety of bottles. Try on wine, olive oil, vinegar and liquor bottles for an eye-catching cat themed Christmas decorations.

Sphynx Cat on Pink Wine Stopper

You’ll want to raise a glass to this attractive, sturdy stopper. It fits most wine, liquor and oil bottles. Made of metal and rubber, the stopper is available at Walmart for $9. It’s just purrfect if you are the owner of a sphynx Cat or fans of the colour pink.