Quentin Tarantino pitched new James Bond movie to Pierce Brosnan while drunk on Martinis

Quentin Tarantino got close to fulfilling his dreams of making a new James Bond movie during a drunk meeting with Pierce Brosnan. 

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood director has made no secret of his desire to put his own spin on the iconic British spy and approached Pierce with his genius idea.

Of course, Pierce played 007 in four movies between 1995 and 2002 – including Die Another Day and Tomorrow Never Dies – before being replaced by Daniel Craig. 

During a recent watch along of Goldeneye for Esquire UK, Pierce recalled his boozy meeting with Quentin in 2004 and, frankly, it sounds iconic. 

‘And I went up into Hollywood one day, from the beach, and I met him at the Four Seasons. I got there at 7 o’clock. I like to be punctual, I’m always punctual,’ Pierce revealed. 

The Irish actor continued: ‘7:15 came round, no Quentin; he was upstairs doing press on ‘Kill Bill’. And someone sent over a martini, so I had the martini.

‘I waited, it was 7:30, I thought, “Where the heck is he?”

Word came down, “Apologies”’, so I thought, “Well, I’ll have another martini”.’

The party really began when Quentin finally emerged from the Kill Bill junket and ordered, well, another round of apple martinis of course. 

‘We were fairly snockered,’ Pierce admitted, adding: ‘I was fairly snockered. ‘He was pounding the table, saying, “You are the best James Bond! I wanna do James Bond with you!” and it was very close quarters in the restaurant.’ 

Hmm, slightly awkward. 

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