The latest rapper to enter the cookbook game

Yesterday we learned that Ja Rule spent his days in prison cooking up microwavable concoctions like lasagna and cheesecake.


Stoli Partnered With Atomic Blonde Movie to Reintroduce the Vodka to Consumers

Charlize Theron stomps around Berlin in stylish garb and giant sunglasses, fights anyone with anything she can—a heel, a fridge door—shoots guns, flips cars, jumps off a balcony, and drinks lots and lots of Stolichnaya vodka in the action film Atomic Blonde.


Booze in baby bottles: A hipster fad too far?

Punters in a Paris bar have been spotted drinking wine from baby bottles, a sign that novelty food and drink apparatus has gone too far.


Wine in a can for men is the latest unnecessarily gendered item

Have you ever wanted a glass of wine, but feared it might be too ladylike?


Why used ground coffee is good for the soil

Now that your knees are wearing out after all that weeding, here are some handy tips on how to bring out the best in your garden using the leftovers in your kitchen!


Luxury Hotels that Brew Their Own Beer

Craft beer is the new fine wine, with everyone thinking about hops terroir and eager to try the local IPA wherever they travel. Now savvy hotels are getting in on the act, brewing their own custom small-batch beers on site.


If you`re drinking tequila, this is how it should be done

Tequila shots are a rite of passage for drinking-age college students. Everyone learns the same step-by-step: Salt your hand, lick it off, down the shot, and then chase it with a lime slice.


Steak sandwich with bourbon sautéed mushrooms.

This recipe combines tender shaved steak, melted provolone cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms sautéed in bourbon, and our roasted garlic aioli into one amazingly good steak bomb sandwich.


Sprayable Wine For Boozing On The Go

If you’re on the go, and just need a quick spritz of wine, Bouche bée Wine Spray will help you out.


Red vs. White: Which Wine Wins?

Author: Rebecca Hardy