Salmon trout with ginger garlic crust served with seasonal vegetables

Chef Hennie van der Merwe from Glen Carlou shares this delicious salmon trout recipe, which is also available on the restaurant’s menu. 


Step aside Avolatte, the Cocolatte is here to bust your nut

This week the internet was in a disgust-buzz over a Melbourne cafe’s invention, now known as the infamous Avolatte.

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British Metal Band Motörhead Releases 8 Year Old Dominican Dark Rum

Following on from the release of the band’s Röad Crew beer earlier this year, Heavy Metal band Motörhead has announced the release of a new eight-year-old Dominican dark rum.


Packaging Spotlight: Bacon-Branded Vino

Vi Novell wine packaging boldly displays a skin of finely sliced and layered meat that encourages you to ask the question, “why?”

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How Non-alcoholic Beer Is Made

Most of the process for making alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer is fairly similar. Both types of beer go through similar steps like making a mash and boiling the wort. Blending in the hops and fermentation happens in both of the processes. The main difference for most non-alcoholic beers is that the beer has to be heated. 


What Does Your Drink Say about Your Drunk?

Different alcohols do different things to different people. Some send you to the highest heights, others choke slam you into the gutter you just barfed in.

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Did the EU blunder in cutting off SA and others from port and sherry?

The European Union (EU) ban on the words port or sherry for wine countries including South Africa has remained controversial since it was implemented. Having just returned from another insightful trip to Europe, SA champion port-maker Carel Nel believes the EU’s earlier decision may lie at the heart of the port wine industry’s current doldrums.


Whiskey glass makes nifty smartphone speaker

If you’re streaming music or a radio station from your smart phone and don’t have an external speaker handy, place the phone in an empty whiskey glass.

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CAPERITIF Cabaret Cocktail

From the cellar of Kalmoesfontein and the mountain slopes of the Paardeberg,  the CAPERITIF of Adi Badenhorst is the coolest new product launch in a decade! 


People Used to Put Live Frogs in Their Milk to Keep It Fresh

What lengths would you go to keep your milk fresh?