What would Jesus drink? Wineries try to recreate wine of the Bible

The Bible is full of references to wine: Noah gets drunk on it after the flood. Jesus turns water into wine.


How a wine-selling con man fooled gullible billionaires

It’s official: Rudy Kurniawan is off to spend the next 10 years at a federal prison in southern California.


How to Make a Tequila-Spiked Coffee That Actually Tastes Good

For some folks out there, this has been another long, cold winter. The condensation is disappearing from the window and “outside” is fast becoming a concept that doesn’t make you wince into a ball of fear. Frost becomes dew. Eggs become chickens. And Southern Californians start to finally get over the hardships of their “storm.”


Does soil truly influence the flavour of wine?

Hang around wine geeks for any length of time and you are sure to hear the word terroir mentioned, writes Jamie Goode.


Jack Daniels Mac and Cheese with Bacon

Bourbon can be used to great effect in both sweet and savoury dishes.


Finally, A Webapp That Pairs The Perfect Cheese With Your Wine

The fine folks at VinePair have helped us pair wine with takeoutchill our wine properly and figure out snobby wine terms. Now they’re back to help us pair our wine with the quintessential wine food: cheese.


World`s first wine and sound bar opens in Christchurch, New Zealand

The world’s first wine and sound bar opens in Christchurch


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