New App Claims to Select Wines for You Based on Your DNA

A new wine pairing service claims to take the guesswork out of choosing wines by matching a drinker’s DNA to the perfect bottle.


The Five Best TV Drunks

Television characters on our favourite shows have been the drunken friends that everyone loves to laugh at, loves to party with, but don’t want to have to hold up at the end of the night.


Cuba Gooding Jr. ‘a hot mess’ at 2014 NHL Awards

Cuba Gooding Jr. at 2014 NHL Awards at Wynn 2014 NHL Awards red carpet Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was skating on thin ice after his bizarre onstage antics at Tuesday’s 2014 NHL Awards live telecast from Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas.


Drink Pinotage On International Pinotage Day

October 10, 2015, is the International Pinotage Day, so if you have not tasted this wine grape variety before this is a good time to do it.


Did The Rolling Stones Really Discover the Tequila Sunrise?

It’s long been said that The Rolling Stones played a big role in making the Tequila Sunrise a popular drink, but did they really discover it? Legend has it the band was drinking at The Trident, a San Francisco bar in the early 1970s, when a bartender handed them what he called a Tequila Sunrise, a drink made with orange juice, grenadine, and Jose Cuervo.


Ginger Ale and De-Alcolised White Wine Mocktail

Ditching alcohol during January has become a trend. Celebrate a sober you with this ginger ale and de-alcolised mocktail, developed by Leopard’s Leap.


The Valentine`s Drinking Game for Singles

Single and alone for Valentine’s Day?


Feasting on Ceviche at Home

A simple and delicious Ceviche Recipe made with fresh fish, chili, lime, cilantro, avocado, tomato and cucumber.

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Coffee May Not Increase Creativity, But It Does Help You Focus

Most coffee lovers are aware of the health benefits of the beverage but there’s some controversy over how it affects creativity. Some scientists believe coffee reduces creativity, according to an article by Maria Konnikova in The New Yorker:


The World’s Oldest Bottle of Wine is Nearly 1700 Years Old

The world’s oldest wine bottle is believed to date back to AD 325 and was found near the town of Speyer, Germany, in 1867.