Rappers drinking water worth $100,000

Rappers 2 Chainz and Diplo drink water valued at $100,000 in a video you can watch below.

The hugely expensive drink was offered to the rapper and producer as part of a GQ series titled Most Expensive Shit. 2 Chainz hosts the series, which has also seen him smoke 24-carat rolling papers and use a toothbrush worth £3,500.

It is not explained why the water is so expensive, though it does come in a bottle with a 14-carat diamond on top of it.

The pair were left unimpressed by the water. “The most expensivest water when you can just drink rain,” 2 Chainz said in response to the high price. “It almost seems like if you put a diamond on something, they gonna run up the tab on you.”

“Ever been robbed for water before?” he jokes to the “water sommelier” at one point before adding: “both of us have an acquired expensive taste, neither of us believe you should pay $100,000 for a bottle of water.”

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