Reasons to Have a Glass of Wine Tonight

Look, you probably don’t need this little list for me to convince you how necessary it is that you partake in a glass of wine (or two) tonight,

but if you are on the fence and need a little prodding, let me work on persuading you:

Congrats on Your Pregnancy

Remember that moment today when someone congratulated you on your pregnancy but you haven’t been pregnant in five years? Yeah, well, drink up, Momma, and the next time someone asks you when you’re due, you can say, “Oh, you mean my wine baby? She’s been in the making ever since my first kid.”

Your Child Became an Artiste Overnight

You know that favorite red lipstick you like to wear that you bought as a splurge at a fancy-schmancy department store or Sephora? Yeah, your kid thought it was such a pretty shade too, and he decided it would be a fabulous choice for the new family portrait he made on the walls of your front hallway. Hey, that way whenever anyone walks in . . . he or she will know whose family he or she is visiting!

I hope you enjoy googling stain removers while you’re drinking your wine!