Red Cat And White Cat Party Pouch For Wine-Loving Cat Crazies

Looking for the purrfect wines to take to your next party? Produced just outside New York, in the Fingerlake Valley, the award-winning Red Cat and White Cat wines are cat crazy lady friendly and comes in a 3 L pouch. Sounds right up my alley!

Red Cat is a sweet red wine made from native Catawba and red hybrid grapes. The red hybrids give the wine that unmistakable sultry ruby red color and the Catawba give it that sweet, tangy zing you’ll love!

Why is Red Cat in a hot tub, you ask? Well, that’s a legend too juicy to share here.

White Cat is an award-winning sweet white wine made from native Niagara grapes. Reminiscent of the white grape juice you enjoyed while growing up, but now with an adult kick!

Grab a Red Cat and White Cat and get the party started! Both wines are best served chilled and to enjoyed often. Sounds pretty purrfect red and white to me!