Reduce the sulfites in your wine with Wine Drops

For many wine drinkers, the scariest two words on a bottle of wine are “CONTAINS SULFITES.” Put simply, sulfites are to wine as gluten is to food. Many people do experience headaches when drinking red wine. Most think it’s caused by the sulfites in the wine. People who are sensitive to the compounds may experience respiratory distress in the form of coughing or wheezing (or worse in the case of some asthmatics), though this affects a small minority of the population.

The solution

UBfree Wine Drops reduces sulphites in wine to relieve headaches and allergy symptoms. According to their website, it’s fast-acting, odourless and tasteless.

wine drops Reduce the sulfites in your wine with Wine Drops

UBfree’s patent-pending formula actually oxidises the wine, effectively neutralising the free sulphites. Furthermore, our unique blended formula also assists in reducing harmful effects that alcohol has on the liver. Read the UBfree Story to learn more about our research and technology.

There are differences in preservative levels between red and white wines. Did you know that some red wines have 70% less preservative than some white wines? This is why UBfree comes in 2 unique formulas; white and red.

The product is available online or at selected liquor retailers like Roeland Liquors in Cape Town.