Reese Witherspoon Shares Her Aperol Spritz Recipe With A Twist

Actress Reese Witherspoon is celebrating the changing seasons with her fizzy apple cider cocktail.

The drink, which only requires apple cider, Aperol, club soda, and prosecco, feels similar to the popular Italian aperitif the Aperol spritz.

The cocktail is super easy to mix up.

It starts with about a half glass of apple cider, then a shot of Aperol, and is finished with a splash of club soda.

Then, stir, add some sparkling wine (Witherspoon used prosecco), and then garnish with an apple wedge.

Witherspoon also has a jar of cinnamon lined up with her ingredients, so that may be meant to be an optional garnish as well.

“Pairs well with just about any dance move,” Witherspoon said.

Check out Reese’s cocktail video.