Reindeer Horn Whiskey

Reindeer horn whiskey is believed to increase vitality and improve general all round well being. In some S.E. Asian cultures consuming reindeer horn considered to bring a higher social status.

Herbal whiskeys such as these are also know as Yaa Dong in Thailand. Yaa Dong herbal liquors have been sold in Thailand for centuries. There are over 200 herbs used for making Yaa Dong, some are traditional recipes and others are secret recipes passed down through families. Some Yaa Dong liquors are made to treat certain conditions and others mixed to treat a broad range of conditions, or simply to improve the taste of local rice whiskies. Yaa Dong Bars can be found in certain towns and cities throughout Thailand and the golden triangle, here you can sample many varieties of this amazing local liquor.

This liquor has a rich earthy finish with a woody aroma, it has a slight sweet taste with a hint of liquorice.