Restaurant bans kids under 5 and calls them ‘Little Uncontrollable Terrors’

An Italian restaurant – which is to say, a restaurant in Italy – has banned children under five years of age, with the owner saying that he, his staff, and his customers are done dealing with “little uncontrollable terrors,” The Telegraph is reporting.

La Fraschetta del Pesce, in the heart of Rome, specializes in fresh fish, caught daily by owner Marco Magliozzi’s son.

The restaurant, described by Telegraph writer Alice Philipson as having a friendly atmosphere and simple food, is popular with local Romans and British tourists alike. But it also appears that some diners – whether they’re locals or tourists or both is unclear – seem to lose control of their children once they’re through the doors of the restaurant. And Magliozzi is having none of it.

A sign posted at the entrance to the restaurant warns diners, in Italian, that children under five are not welcome.

“Due to some unpleasant incidents caused by a lack of manners, children under 5 are not allowed in this restaurant, as well as strollers or high chairs for space reasons.”