Revealed: The Worst Kept Secret in the Winelands

Now that the worst kept secret in the Winelands – the identity of new winemakers elected to the CWG – is out, Uncorked is unfettered to make some (mostly positive) observations. If only to refute claims that wine hacks are constipated with the annual Auction, an event shaping up into the highest profile retail jamboree of the calendar.

The elevation of Frans K Smit from Spier to the august body confirms that “Independent” will not return to the club’s name anytime soon but begs the question “where the heck is Razvan Macici from Nederburg?” Well done to those elected, but looking at the winners, I can’t help but think membership of the CWG is starting to look like a reward for competition glory with winemakers eschewing the siren calls of shows left knocking on the door.

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