Rid Your Home Of Bad Odours With A Little Vodka

Forget about traditional air fresheners or deodorisers. If you want to freshen up your home without using off-the-shelf chemical concoctions, it looks like you need to head to the liquor aisle!

Vodka apparently has the ability to remove ingrained bad odours. Used behind the scenes in theatres to get rid of bad smells, vodka is the latest household hack in vogue on TikTok.

The vodka technique is very easy to use and works on clothes, sofas and curtains, for example. For this, even a cheap vodka can work very well.

All you need is a spray bottle into which you pour the pure vodka. And that’s it!

Simple and effective, this homemade deodoriser is ready to use. You can now spray the liquid on any fabric that smells bad.

While you can use pure vodka, some people like to add a few drops of their favourite essential oil.

And, rest assured, as the vodka dries, the smell of the vodka is eliminated along with the other odours, so you won’t have to worry about reeking of alcohol at work. It’s a household hack to enjoy with no need for moderation!

Here are some more alternative uses for vodka.