Rod’s impressive rider

After an eventful Friday watching The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs and James in Hyde Park during the Hard Rock Calling music festival, our attention shifted to Sunday. The headline act was 66 year old Rod Stewart, father of 6 and legendary hotel room trasher.

We had a look at his rider for the show and was surprise to find a whole bunch of unconventional rock items on it, from baby food to hair straighteners. But Rod proved he still likes to party with 15 bottles of wine, 2 crates of beer, 4 cases of Absolut Vodka and one bottle of single malt whisky.

Stewart’s support art, Stevie Nicks, former Fleetwood Mac singer, also packed on the booze on  her rider with 5 bottles or Remy Martin cognac, 6 bottles of wine, 5 bottles of Stolichnaya vodka and 7 cases of beer.