Everything you need to know about Rum

Rum, in our humble estimation, is the finest application of sugar cane known to man. It’s made from a distillate of either the fermented juice of sugar cane, sugar cane syrup or sugar cane molasses.

“For me, rum is the most diverse and fascinating of any category of spirits,” says Brandon Wise, mixologist and beverage director for the Sage Restaurant Group. “Its history is rich, and rum trade was one of the primary influences that helped shape the Western world as we know it today.”

The origins of rum lie in the Caribbean islands, where modern rum production got its start and where island nations continue to produce the majority of the world’s sugar cane spirits.

“Fortunately, the rum category is gaining popularity in the United States, and new expressions continue to make their way to our bars and shelves,” says Wise. Whether aged patiently in oak barrels, blended or bottled straight from the still, rum offers a myriad of flavor profiles that are perfect for the summer months.

Throw out all of your preconceptions of rum. If you have any negative associations with cheap versions of this summery spirit, give it another chance, but be sure to look out for the higher proof, higher price-point and artisan varieties. The best new and forward-thinking distillers and blenders are taking rum to a new place – a place of higher craft on a higher shelf, in your cabinet and in your glass.

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