Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham And Diddy Create A Gross Cocktail For Charity

Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs teamed up to make a cocktail for charity but the three stars soon realized they should leave mixology to the professionals.

Reynolds is a co-owner of Aviation Gin, while Beckham is a co-owner of Haig Whisky, and Diddy is a co-owner of DeLeon Tequila.

Never one to miss a comedic opportunity on social media, Reynolds released a video on his Youtube channel earlier today showing the trio’s best shot at creating a collaborative Super Cocktail. The goal was to make a drink with all three of their liquors, as well as natural flavors found in Tampa Bay and Kansas City, in honor of the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Their drinks came out disgusting and the three celebs concluded that they should leave mixology to the professionals. The trio went on to donate one million dollars to support the bartending community, specifically through Another Round, Another Rally, the Bartender’s Benevolent Fund, and Drinks Trust UK. The three organizations support hospitality professionals in the U.S., Canada and the UK, respectively.

It’s always inspiring to see celebrities giving back to their communities, especially the ones that support their own business ventures.