SAB Partners With 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games To Launch Corona Cero Alcohol-Free Beer

South African Breweries (SAB) has reaffirmed its dedication to promoting responsible drinking with the introduction of Corona Cero, a non-alcoholic beer option. This launch aligns with the growing global trend of mindful alcohol consumption and caters to consumers seeking flavorful alternatives without the effects of alcohol.

The 129-year-old beer giant has embraced a more conscientious approach to responsible drinking following its announcement of a partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games is particularly noteworthy as it marks the inaugural activation of Corona Cero in such a prestigious global event.

Introducing Corona Cero Sunbrew

Corona Cero represents SAB’s commitment to providing quality, alcohol-free options to consumers who wish to enjoy the taste of beer without the alcohol content. Corona Cero commemorates the special “Golden Moments” found in daily life, encouraging individuals to cherish the extraordinary within the ordinary, all while staying sober. The non-alcoholic beer was created to promote responsible consumption and build a better world one sip at a time.

By aligning with such a prestigious event, SAB not only boosts the profile of its alcohol-free brand but also promotes a message of inclusivity and responsible enjoyment.

“Offering this innovative alcohol-free beer brings more choice to fans around the world, Corona Cero is a perfect fit for this global occasion, and further reinforces our brand’s commitment to moderation, relaxation, and celebration.”

SAB CEO, Richard Rivett-Carnac

Celebrating everyday golden moments

In the exhilarating world of sports and spirits, SASCOC President, Barry Hendricks, declared, ‘Team SA embarks on an unprecedented journey alongside SAB towards the Paris 2024 Olympics! The resonating beat of Corona Cero’s ‘For Every Golden Moment’ campaign harmonizes perfectly with our mission that lauds the victories and valor of our athletes. Partnerships like these are the armor that bolsters our athletes and encourages our nation to embrace their shimmering moments. Together, we aim to draw South Africans towards the beating heart of the Olympic legacy, weaving unity, pride, and excellence on the global canvas.’

Corona, in sync with an eclectic global team at the creative enclave, Grey, birthed the brilliant brainchild ‘For Every Golden Moment,’ shepherded to life by the filmmaker extraordinaire, Henry-Alex Rubin, and his talented circus of creative maestros from all corners of the world.”

Let the games begin

Starting from July 26 to August 11, over 10,000 athletes will participate in 329 medal events. There are 32 sports at the 2024 Olympics, including tennis, volleyball, soccer, and various genres of wrestling, aquatics, gymnastics, and cycling.

As the Games approach, the presence of Corona Cero will undoubtedly add a new dimension to the celebrations and experiences of all involved.

With non-alcoholic beer choices as rare as unicorns in South African restaurants, bars and nightclubs, SAB and Corona Cero have a golden opportunity to sashay in with a splash of sober sips, not just for the Olympics, but a lasting stint thereafter.

The self-proclaimed ‘source of vitamin D Sunbrew’ promises to deliver a cool, crisp, and refreshing experience with every sip during the 2024 Olympic Games.

You can find Corona Cero at most major liquor outlets, where a 6-pack is sold for R109.99 at Woolworths.