Sauvignon Blanc Ageism

A rude blast of ageism from infantile baby blogger TVDionysus  via twitter “read 3 blogs this am say we use term steen. Maybe if you over 50 like Pendock, but not the new wine rat pack…” Well I certainly don’t use the term steen TV-glotzer, you must have confused me with one of the oumensgessigies at the Grape communal blog. But on the ugly subject of ageism, eyebrows were raised by the selection of a “chilled wine” for summer in the Weekend Financial Times this morning.

Three SA whites featured (Australia one, New Zealand null points): a blend, a Chenin Blanc and a Sauvignon Blanc from the unfortunate 2008 vintage. The Chenin (note to rats: not Steen, and the FT wine pundit is well over 50!) comes from Waterkloof and gets the ultimate sighted tasting note “Brit Paul Boutinot is making waves in South Africa with substantial investment in his Waterkloof winery. Chenin is the Cape’s great vinous treasure.” Not a syllable wasted on describing the wine.