Savanna Cider Distances Itself From Irresponsible And Damaging Social Media Posts

Savanna Cider has issued a statement distancing itself from what it calls “irresponsible and damaging consumer-generated social media activity”.

This comes after the brand was repeatedly tagged in a series of social media posts, dubbed “Savanna Challenge”, showing consumers downing Savanna bottles in one go or balancing them on their heads and other body parts.

All of this as the country is in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, warranting the need for social distancing along with increased responsibility in public spaces and at events.

Savanna said the challenge was initiated by consumers.

“[It] is in no way initiated, supported or promoted by the Savanna brand,” according to its marketing manager, Eugene Lenford.

“We promote responsible drinking and encourage consumers to engage and continue to tag the brand on their responsible and safe memorable moments. We do not encourage binge drinking or any kind of risky behaviour and we ask that people pace themselves and know their limit,” added Lenford in a statement.

Lenford further stated that the brand had paused all branded promotion across all channels due to the recent alcohol ban in the level 3 lockdown.

He promised that the brand would continue to monitor social media activity, and maintain their efforts to drive responsible messaging and behaviour into 2021.

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