Savanna gets a bold new look

Savanna, South Africa’s favourite premium cider brand, will look a bit different the next time you grab a six-pack at your local liquor store.

The newly refreshed packaging has been crafted to bring to life the essence of Savanna’s left-of-centre attitude.

Featuring a bold new look and dashing frame, Savanna Premium Cider continues to lead the pack with three refreshing varieties: Dry, Light and Dark. Since the launch in 1996, Savanna has certainly had work done, but while it has slipped into something new on the outside, it remains the much loved dry, 100% clear apple cider on the inside.

So what’s new?

The mould has been broken to make way for a completely new glass bottle.


The closer has been refreshed with a new bold crown design – guaranteed to turn a few heads. (1)


The bottle neck is longer and slimmer for the ultimate drinking experience. (2)


Savanna now has stronger, more manly shoulders. (3)

The new label has had a few touch-ups, leaving it more refined with a cleaner feel. (4)

And when it comes to functionality, debossing on the side (5) lets your fingers find the savvy Savanna name with every letter boldly engraved to add “grippability”. Yes that’s a word now!

Available at leading stores country-wide at a recommended price of R66.95 per 6-pack or R239.95 per case, Savanna is letting the world know that this Premium Cider is New on the Outside, Still Dry on the Inside.