Save Water, Drink Wine!

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“Save Water, Drink Wine” is a slogan regularly brandished under the current drought conditions in the Western Cape. Fun yes, but the truth of course is that the drought has put severe pressure on the Cape wine industry with some pessimists even asking whether there will be wine to drink 20 years from now …

Let’s face it: climate change is a reality and weather patterns are shifting, worldwide. Creation’s Carolyn Martin however remains positive.

“Since the establishment of Creation in 2002 the climate here on the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge has remained fairly consistent, mainly due to the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean which is only some 9 km away. We do experience dryer and wetter cycles but on average the rainfall at Creation has been 680 mm per annum which means we do not irrigate older vineyards unless we need to and that is only once a year most likely post-harvest. Generally our young vines are only irrigated in their first year. We’re therefore grateful to say that we haven’t been affected by the Western Cape drought so far this year.”

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Creation in 5 Delectable Chapters

With the 2018 harvest in full swing there’s never a dull moment in either the vineyard or the cellar. The members of the Creation Culinary Team have been equally busy, planning a brand-new The Story of Creation pairing menu to celebrate the harvest. This is arguably the most popular of Creation’s amazing eight pairing options and the new menu comprises five tantalising courses.

Creation pairing guru Carolyn Martin elaborates: “Every Creation wine tells a distinctive story and we believe that context plays an important part in the enjoyment of wine. Each wine presented in The Story of Creation enhances an artfully created small-plate dish and thus the Creation narrative unfolds with each delectable chapter.” All in all a multi-faceted pairing experience.

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