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That Extra Dash with Travis Kuhn

As Angostura aromatic bitters continues to follow the journey of some of SA’s top barmen and explore what it takes to make it in the cocktail industry, we chat to industry stalwart – Travis Kuhn.


Travis Kuhn Is South Africa`s Bartender Of The Year

After an intense week of challenges seasoned professional, Travis Kuhn, shaked-off the competition to be crowned Diageo’s #WorldClass2018 Bartender of the Year in South Africa.


Celebrate World Bartender’s Day With ANGOSTURA Aromatic Bitters

On 24 February we celebrate one of the oldest professions… bartending of
course! Though we think of it as a modern age career, bartending can be
traced back to ancient Rome, Greece and Asia. In fact, there is record of a
bartender all the way back to when Julius Caesar ruled Rome. Along popular travel routes, you’d find drinking houses where you could rest your wary feet with a mug of ale and wine. They eventually spread into towns. In the Middle Ages, innkeepers would brew their own beer and wine which they’d serve to their guests. These became taverns and pubs where locals could share a bit of gossip with their tipple.


BAR Awards Leave Bitter Aftertaste

By Leah van Deventer

The Bartender Accolades and Recognition (BAR) Awards, which normally leave local movers and shakers in good spirits, have in true 2020 fashion had the opposite effect. Sponsor brands are outraged, winners feel cheated and people generally seem to be fed up. So what went awry? 


The SA BAR Awards Announce 2020’s Local Bar Industry Stars

Top image: Peter Labese @TheeGintleman

The fifth annual SA Bartending Accolades & Recognition (BAR) Awards honoured the fallen and surviving heroes of the local South Africa bar industry last night, just as the country emerges from lockdown and bars start reopening this month. 


Johannesburg to host SA BAR Awards 2020

On Monday 23 March 2020 the country’s cocktail-loving community will come together in Johannesburg to celebrate the winners of the fifth SA Bartending Accolades & Recognition (BAR) Awards. 


South Africa’s most influential cocktail personality opens hot new tiki bar in Cape Town

Travis Kuhn, a multi-award winning bartender, has just obtained a new accolade to add to his collection by being named South Africa’s Most Influential Cocktail Personality in DrinksFeed’s Top 20 in 2020 list.


The 20 Most Influential Cocktail Personalities In South Africa, According To Industry Leaders

The Twenties. What a joyous phrase to the drinks industry? It conjures visions of jive and swing, filled with the hooch of youth. It holds so much promise. One can only ponder what lies ahead as we roll into a new decade of Twenties.


How To Mix A Rock Shandy

Mix your own Rock Shandy


15 Cocktail Trends To Consider For 2020

With close on two hundred years of experience producing aromatic bitters, The House of Angostura has been at the forefront of the cocktail industry since the creation of the very first long drink. Over the years, the brand itself has become a household name as a supporter of industry talent around the globe and the producer of an Amaro aperitif and some of the best rums in the world. As a mainstream brand in the industry, Angostura has its finger on the pulse… so, let’s talk trends for the coming year.