Seating at a Restaurant

The waiter walks up to you holding the bottle you just picked out of the line-up. You weren’t a hundred percent sure it was the one, but you made a firm decision! The rest of the table smiles, glad they didn’t have to be in your seat.

Excitement begins to bellow in your depths as you realize your lips are drier than you had imagined. You even unconsciously drop out of the conversation in anticipation. You watch her as she gingerly walks around to where you are seated and broadcasts the bottle to you. Doing the due diligence, you make sure it reads exactly like its description said, knowing if it is not the same vintage you can ask for an explanation or change. Actually as the wine is not open, you are more than welcome to have pre-buyer’s remorse and ask for a different bottle altogether. It’s your money; it’s your experience.

Also, you ensure the wine has not been opened away from your sights as you can’t guarantee something else hasn’t been replaced in the bottle.