Seeking Out the Savory in Singapore: Food and Drink Trends

Collectively admired as the food capital of Asia, Singapore is home to some of the most inventive food and drink trends in the world. From inventive, jaw-dropping drinks to food that creates conversation, Singapore is regarded as one of the “most high-quality diversified [food] scenes in the world,” according to the magazine Tasting Table. Already, 2019 has made for a year of innovation in Singapore, setting the global standard for novelty food and drink trends.

Farm Fresh Sustainability

In Singapore, everyone loves to eat. Dining out is an essential when visiting – whether from the renowned street food vendors to your traditional sit-down restaurant, it’s a must-do in the city. One new food trend to feast upon in Singapore is the concept of sustainability paired with farm fresh cuisine. Not only are restaurants working to source products that reduce a carbon footprint, they are also looking for produce that supports a community, writes Lifestyle Asia Magazine. Labrynth, for example, which only opened in 2014 has not only already earned a Michelin star, but continues to support local farmers and produce with their menu choices like local dried oysters and shrimp.  It’s about quality ingredients with honest origins for many of these restaurants.  

Fancy a Cup of Tea?

Tea-based cocktails are another 2019 drink trend that has swept Singapore. The trend which originated with Aki Wang of Indulge Bistro, combines Taiwan-tea with alcoholic drinks for a unique fusion writes MSN. For his inventive tea-based cocktail recipes, Wang has earned himself more than just widespread recognition; his bar has been named in the top 50 bars in the world. This cocktail trend has spread throughout Singapore throughout early 2019, and continues to become more popular across drink menus everywhere.

Seaweed-Inspired Snacks

Although seaweed has been an ingredient utilized by chefs for ages, it has gained recent traction and become increasingly popular in Singapore. Aside from its traditional use in sushi, you can now find inventive sea-inspired snacks. From award-winning seaweed butter in Michelin star restaurant Jaan or a bag of Singapore chilli crab seaweed tempura sold by the Golden Duck, you’re bound to find new uses of seaweed in the streets of Singapore. 

With the fusion of old ingredients with new twists, Singapore continues to be the center of food and drink innovation. There’s no question that it’s the foodie paradise of the world.