Sell your wine through South Africa`s first wine-selling app

A first of its kind wine-selling app has launched in South Africa, making it easier than ever for both wine buyers and wine sellers to make the most of the country’s most amazing wines. 

Winemoola is the brainchild of Barnardt Boyes, a wine venture that forms part of an extended group of companies in South Africa, including the very well known and much loved luxury goods brand Carrol Boyes.

How WineMoola works

The platform connects freelance wine sellers to buyers, giving freelancers an opportunity to make good money selling wines.This means, anyone who downloads the app can become a freelance wine seller that can recommend and sell wines to their friends and family. Once the sales are done, the freelancer earn 15% of the total wine cart amount (VAT inclusive) and excludes the shipping amount. Payouts occur on a weekly bases. Wine lovers can download WineMoola from the App Store or Google Play, sign up, and get ready to make it rain!

The benefits for wine producers

Apart from the obvious benefits it offers wine lovers and buyers, the app also offer wine producers a platform to list and sell their wines online. There are NO listing fee costs and any winery or wine producer can register on the website and list their entire range of wines for free!

When it comes to costs, it’s entirely up to the winery to decide how much they want to charge for their wine, bearing in mind that WineMoola takes a 28% commission on every sale. Out of that they cover all costs, from freelancer commission to distribution.

The distribution process is pretty straight forward. Once a buyer has purchase wine through the app, the winery will be notified and a delivery van will collect the wines from the wine producer and deliver it to the buyer’s door.

The supplier registration process is quick and easy, so why delay if you can start selling more wine today?!

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