Seth Meyers Talks About That Time He Got Drunk With Rihanna

When Seth Meyers appeared as a guest on “The Late Late Show with James Corden on 17 April 2023, Rihanna’s name came up as a favourite past guest.

As the two were seated before a live studio audience, Corden admitted he wished his team would have thought of Meyers’ infamous “Day Drinking” bit when the “Saturday Night Live” alum would film himself hilariously getting lit with some of Hollywood’s biggest entertainers. “What’s the drunkest you’ve ever got?” Corden asked his guest. Meyers confessed, “Rihanna was the drunkest I’ve ever been, I think. And it was worth every second of it.”

“Well, how drunk are we talking?” Corden questioned. “Well, first of all, I should note that — I’d hate to break the news here, she’s younger than me,” the 49-year-old said of the 35-year-old Barbados native. He added that the pair “drank the same amount,” but somehow Rihanna was just fine and looked just as great as before they started. “I went home [and] immediately fell asleep in the hallway of my apartment,” Meyers stated before revealing that his wife placed a glass of water on the floor next to him and got back in the bed, and went to sleep.

Rihanna’s 2012 hit “Pour It Up,” in which she repeats the command throughout the song, seems to back his claims. In the chart-topper, the songstress also notoriously asked, “Patron shots, can I get a refill?” However, present-day RihRih probably hasn’t had a drink in a while. In May 2022, she gave birth to her first child with fellow musician and partner A$AP Rocky. Less than a year later, she used the 2023 Super Bowl to announce the couple was expecting their second child together.