Share a Coke – made in the comfort of your own home

Coca-Cola lovers can soon enjoy the beverage made in the comfort of their own home, after the world’s largest drinks company bought a 10 per cent stake in Green Mountain Coffee, worth $1.25 billion.

Soon, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta will be available in Green Mountain’s forthcoming cold beverage machine, due out in 2015 as part of a ten-year agreement between the company and the drinks giant.

The device will compete head-on with SodaStream, an Israeli maker of flavoured carbonated drink machines, who were forced to edit out the line “Sorry Coke and Pepsi” from their advert during last week’s Superbowl.

Soda Stream, whose largest factory is located in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, recently hit controversy when it announced Scarlett Johansson as its global brand ambassador, whilst she’s also an ambassador for Oxfam. Johansson has since quit the charity, citing “fundamental differences of opinion”.

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