Should Coffee Sales Have A Minimum Age Requirement?

As a newly minted old person, I now find myself enjoying several of the tried and true old person pastimes: going to bed early, not drinking too much, taking it as a compliment every time I get ID’ed. And now, one coffee company is allowing the younger generation to experience the thrill of old person flattery. Costa Coffee, the world’s second-largest cafe chain, has enacted a policy that allows employees to ID teenagers, and deny them sales if they don’t meet a minimum age requirement.

According to Grub Street, the company’s new policy allows “stores to refuse drinks to anyone under the age of 16.” A Costa spokesperson tells the Manchester Evening News that they do “not encourage the sale of caffeine to children,” which apparently makes the next logical step to allow baristas to “interrogate customers they suspect are too young.”

Grub Street notes that while the policy has been in place since the end of summer and stores are given discretion on when to implement it, the new rule has drawn more attention lately after a 12-year-old was denied a coffee.