Showcasing the 2012 Creation Syrah

During the month of April we have celebrated Syrah by exploring its history and looking at viticultural and vinification practices. Now we take pleasure in sharing with you the irresistible pairing created by Nic van Wyk, accomplished chef and a judge in Kokkedoor, the popular Kyknet food series.

Syrah is one of South Africa’s most promising cultivars and one which is growing rapidly in popularity. Having represented 1% of plantings in the early 1990s it now represents almost a 10th of all plantings in South Africa. It is also interesting to note that it is presently the 7th most planted variety worldwide.

Grown under ideal cool climate conditions, the 2012 Creation Syrah is described as being generously aromatic with maraschino cherry and peppery spice interwoven with whiffs of violet. It is lusciously ripe on the silky palate, yet with vibrant minerality to offer exciting complexity. Lingering echoes of anise and clove add to the allure.

To match the complexity of the wine, chef Nic van Wyk has chosen a multifaceted dish: Pan-fried venison loin with caramelized quince tart, pink peppercorn jus and parsnip fondants. It’s a pairing straight from paradise and glorious for the approaching winter months. Click here for the recipe

“The sweetness from the quince poached in star anise syrup, the gentle spice from the peppercorns and the earthy tones from the parsnip combine perfectly with the wine – nothing is overpowering,” says Nic.

“The idea behind the What to Drink with What to Eat section on Creation’s new menu is to make kids aware of the fact that certain tastes and textures just go together better than others. It helps them understand the potential of pairing food and drink in a fun way,” says Creation co-owner and marketing director, Carolyn Martin.

Creation’s award-winning Wine and Food Pairing draws visitors from far and wide. Now the young ones also have the opportunity of pairing! “It creates an interest that can be shared and there is a feeling of great camaraderie at these tables,” explains Carolyn.

“We have put a pairing together comprising five delicious treats and five drinks and the feedback has been
tremendous – with the parents trying the matches too!” According to Carolyn the various juices are served
in wine glasses and there has been some quite amusing imitation with the youngsters sniffing, swirling and
tasting. “Kids are pretty instinctive when it comes to taste and texture and we have created a magical
experience for them, developing their senses.”

As a wine lover you will appreciate the fact that the world of wine can be both fascinating and confusing.

To help you understand the jargon better, there are five important terms, explained. Click here to read more.