Singapore Researchers Have Developed The World`s First Booze Made From Tofu

If you’re looking to get a new kick from your weekend tipple, how about something boozy made from tofu?

It sounds completely bizarre but researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed the world’s first alcoholic beverage made from tofu whey.

No way? Yes whey – and it’s all because of how popular tofu is in Asian culture and the large amounts of whey which is disposed off during the manufacturing process of tofu.

When discarded as untreated waste, whey adds to environmental pollution as the protein and soluble sugars in it contribute to oxygen depletion in waterways.

It was enough to spur Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan and PhD student Mr Chua Jian Yong to do something about it.

Oh, and it looks pretty gross too.