Slovenian Winemaker Creates Deep Sea Wine Cellar

Wine connoisseurs will be interested in what Ivan Simonic, a Slovenian winemaker is proposing. The wine maker has stunned the world by storing wine bottles  in the clay-made amphoras  in the Adriatic seabed. The deep sea wine cellar is currently storing 600 bottles  at a depth of 300 meters since  temperature , between 12 and 13 degrees Celsius is just ideal for storing an maturing wine. The constant movement of the sea means the usual techniques used to mature sparkling wine are not necessary, he added.

The sparkling wine, named Poseidon after the Greek god of the sea, will be  priced at around 100 euros ($139) a bottle and if successful, Simonic would then construct a purpose-built deep sea wine cellar.

Seems like Ivan Simonic was not the first to think of a underwater cellar however. A few months ago Southern Right Winery in the Hemel en Aarde valley released a few bottles 2004 Sauvignon Blanc which were stored in the Hermanus Harbour for 6 years. You can view the photo of the wine here.