Smoothies And Creams: 6 All-Natural Pain Management Solutions

It’s normal for most people to experience some type of pain in their bodies, especially after a long and physically exhausting day. In most cases, the soreness in the muscles or joints will disappear after a day or two. However, there’ll be instances when the body pain you feel lasts longer than usual.  

Of course, you shouldn’t have to endure the discomfort you’re feeling in your body when you have natural pain solutions to help you ease your condition. Here are some options you can use that are safe and effective: 

1. CBD Cream 

The use of CBD, or cannabidiol, has been increasingly popular for pain management in recent years. This chemical compound is usually found in cannabis and is the one responsible for the relaxing or calming feeling that the plant induces.  

If you’re not too keen on consuming other forms of CBD products, like capsules or tinctures, to address your pain, you can use a cream instead. You can easily purchase CBD creams from stores like Betoken CBD if you want to try one out.  

Joint or chronic muscle pain are some common conditions that may be eased with a cannabidiol product. Using a topical cream, you can target the body part that’s in pain and induce instant relief. You should find a reliable source and give their new CBD cream a try if you’ve been enduring some type of pain in your body.  

2. Ginger   

Besides using creams or oils to reduce muscle tension in the body, you can also drink an all-natural remedy to address any soreness you’re feeling. Ingesting ginger is an excellent way to solve any inflammation in your body that’s causing your discomfort.  

You can put a few grams of ginger to your favorite tea, or choose to add it to your smoothies to accelerate your recovery from muscle soreness. There are also capsules made with ginger extract that you can take if you don’t like the taste of it raw.  

3. Turmeric  

Just like ginger, ingesting turmeric can also help relieve your pain. A 2014 study found that the curcumin extract found in turmeric is effective for pain management. It has the same effects as ibuprofen, having anti-inflammatory properties that may ease body pain caused by inflammation.  

You can usually purchase turmeric in powder form and add it to your favorite drinks and meals. Some people who include turmeric in their diets prefer to buy the ingredient as a supplement.  

4. Essential Oils  

Besides the discomfort you’ll have to endure, chronic pain can also interfere with your stress levels, sleep, and mood. If your body pain is left untreated, your quality of life will surely suffer.

If you don’t have time to visit a doctor or receive treatment for your body pain, you may resort to using essential oils. Incorporating them into your daily routine can help you manage your pain better. Lavender, rosemary, or peppermint concentrates may be effective in alleviating your condition and reducing your discomfort. The natural oils may also help calm your mind and soothe your muscles to induce a feeling of relief.  

The effects of essential oils may also help solve other problems caused by your pain. You can include them in your routine as a scent or apply them to body areas that are hurting.  

5. Acupuncture

If you’ve been enduring pain in one of your body parts for quite some time, you may want to seek alternative treatments instead of simply drinking various natural remedies.

One option you can try to alleviate your condition is acupuncture. This can be considered as alternative medicine that’s derived from traditional Chinese practices. This form of pain treatment uses tiny needles to target specific pressure points to promote the release of muscle tension and restore your body’s flow of energy. You may feel relief after going for a session, especially if the cause of your body pain is tense muscles. 

6. Yoga 

You may think that doing more physical activities will only worsen your condition since it will cause further muscle soreness. However, activities like yoga can actually help alleviate your pain. 

Yoga is a practice that involves both slow and controlled movements and meditation to improve your overall health. This means that besides releasing tension from your body, you’ll also train your mind to be stronger, allowing you to perceive pain better. It’s worth trying if you want to have a long-term solution to manage your condition.  

Final Thoughts 

Living with some type of body pain can quickly turn a minor inconvenience into a major impediment to your daily routine. If traditional medicine isn’t what you’re looking for to help you manage your pain, you can try natural remedies, like acupuncture or topical creams, to help ease your condition.