Snacks To Pack For A Long Car Ride

Traveling a long distance in a car can be an interminable and boring experience, especially when you end up hungry on the way. Hanger is nothing to joke about, and having to deal with it while you still have a couple of hours left to drive is a complete nightmare. This is why having a few travel snacks with you for the ride is a good call. Quick and easy snacking is a great way to keep your hunger at bay while you finish your drive, which means you have got to bring the best snacks along with you. To help you decide what snacks to bring, this article suggests a handful of the best snacks to make the most of a long car ride.

Entertainment To Accompany Your Snacks

If you’re a passenger on a long journey, you don’t even have the process of driving to distract you from the boredom and irritation that you can easily fall into on longer journeys. To keep your boredom from driving you to eat all of the travel snacks in one foul swoop, you should bring along some entertainment options as well. Phone games, such as the ones you can find at, or a good book are always good options. Alternatively, if you’re the only passenger, you could always help the driver to navigate.

Snack 1: Biltong

If you’re a fan of dried meat, then a wonderful snack to bring with you is the delicious South African favorite biltong. This lovely, air-dried meat snack is ideal for travel as it stores easily and comes in the form of shredded meat that can be easily eaten with one hand.

Snack 2: Pretzels

A small pack of salted pretzels makes for an easy travel snack and works wonders in delaying those hunger pangs. This salty treat is beloved for its salty flavor and textbook crunch.

Snack 3: Dried Fruit and Nuts

If you’re more of a fan of healthy and natural snack choices, then a lovely pack of nuts and dried fruit is an ideal candidate for your snacking convenience. These snack packs are full of natural sugars and fats that are sure to keep you energetic until you reach your destination.

Snack 4: Breakfast Bars

When you’re looking for something filling and energizing while also keeping it all compact and easy to eat with one hand, a breakfast bar is the only real option. These lovely creations are tasty bites of breakfast to go and will have you happy and hunger-free the whole drive long.

Snack 5: Crackers

Another great candidate for easy one-handed snacking, crackers are a tasty way to keep those hunger pains at bay. There are all sorts of options, too, so your mouth can go on a flavor journey all its own.

Snack 6: A Drink

Clearly, a drink isn’t actually much of a snack, but you would be surprised how often people think they are hungry when they are actually just thirsty. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to pack yourself a nice drink to help you avoid that false hunger.