Snorting Vodka Shots

So we’ve all heard that Prince Harry indulged in some Vodka snorting a while back. According to the experts you just take a straw and snort the vodka through your nose and the you feel awesome. Not something that I will try! It’s called the “gas chamber” and it makes you feel awesome because it gets into your blood stream quicker, which also makes it very dangerous. Apart from Harry, drunk druggie Amy Winehouse also had a go a it a while ago.

Sambuca can be used as an alternative, but then you have to light it and hold a wine glass over the top of the burning spirit so that you trap the vapours. You then snort the fumes. This whole snorting business could do irreversible damage to nerves, lead to swelling and possibly lead to dementia in the long term and also blindness! See video of crazy idiots snorting vodka.