So, what sort of wine goes best with fox?

BRISTOL is famous for its urban foxes. I have to say there are lots of them around Cullimore Towers at the moment. But it was not always like this. Some years ago the fox population was decimated by disease and they almost disappeared.

But they bounced back just in time for the black wheelie bins to arrive. Again, old Mr Fox started to disappear. But nowadays they are everywhere, even under the shed in our tiny back garden.

I think they are getting to be a bit of a menace. There are too many of them and they are getting too bold.

But fear not, dear reader, I think I have come up with the perfect solution – foxburgers. Now the only question that needs to be answered is this. What wine do you drink with fox? Hmm.

It all started when a couple of friends mentioned they were having a dinner party at their house. They asked me if I fancied coming along and bringing Mrs Cullimore.

So far so good. They are excellent cooks, wonderful hosts and very good company. Immediately I accepted the invitation and asked what we were having, so I could bring along some suitable wine.

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