“Sober” Charlie Sheen Named Co-Owner Of Premium Tequila Brand

If you put all of the crazy things Charlie Sheen has done in one place, you start to notice a trend. The man doesn’t give a fuck. Through the years, few stars have seen more trainwrecks than Charlie Sheen, but since he was diagnosed as HIV-positive, he claims to be sober for over a year.

Having said that, Don Sueños, a super-premium and small-batch tequila brand, has announced that the ex “Two and a half men” star has signed on as a co-owner of the company, whose tagline urges living “Life On Your Terms.”

The super-premium brand was founded in 2017 and quickly garnered widespread attention – both for its high-quality spirits and its commitment to charitable causes. The brand’s expressions are crafted from single-estate blue weber agave, carefully cultivated in Los Altos, Jalisco, Mexico, and processed to produce a taste that is attracting tequila lovers worldwide.

Sheen joins co-owner Kumiko Zimmerman, who is the first Japanese woman to own and operated a tequila company. Since launching her tequilas to the world, the company has achieved multiple awards and accolades.

Passionate about her brand, Zimmerman is pleased to welcome Sheen to the Don Sueños family. “As a native of Japan, where fine spirits are quite popular, I’m well aware of what goes into making a superior product, as well as the importance of having a strong team to promote the brand and tell our story. We believe Charlie will be a great addition to team Don Sueños.” said Zimmerman.

“When the company reached out to me with an opportunity to get involved with their organization, I was instantly interested and excited, as, in the past, Don Sueños’ Tequila Blanco was one of my favourite sipping spirits due to its superior taste and quality,” noted Sheen.

“While I am proud of my sobriety for over 19 months now and am firmly committed to living a clean and sober lifestyle, I chose to become a part owner of Don Sueños because I know their tequila is of the highest quality. I’m excited to be able to work with Kumiko and the team to help Don Sueños continue to grow and to bring awareness, both to its outstanding products and to the charitable organizations it supports.”