Sodastream Reveals April Fool’s Day Prank With Paris Hilton

The world’s No. 1 sparkling water brand, announced today that it was the brand behind NanoDrop; a fun new April Fool’s marketing campaign featuring one of today’s most recognizable television, media personalities and entrepreneurs, the iconic Paris Hilton. The campaign brings attention to the environmental scourge our planet faces due to pollution from single use plastic water bottles.

The SodaStream NanoDrop campaign features humorous video content starring Paris Hilton who appears to debut the latest invention,from her very own ‘Paris Hilton Institute of Plastic Pollution Solutions'(PHIPPS): NanoDrop ‘a highly condensed sparkling water.’

In the video, Hilton describes how witnessing the harmful effects of plastic pollution has driven her to use her influence to take action. The video explains how Hilton and her team of PHIPPS scientists created a revolutionary new water product – 5,000 times more hydrating than regular water. Hilton points out that only one drop of NanoDrop is necessary to maintain a healthy level of hydration, whilst cutting out the need to carry heavy plastic bottles that pollute our planet. As each drop is equal to one glass of water, regular use of the product should save up to 1,500 plastic bottles per person every year.

A follow up “reveal” video to the initial prank, housed on the official NanoDrop website, furthers the narrative and explains that a “slight” error in calculation has caused some hydration problems. Revealing the satire, Hilton explains that, in fact, SodaStream is a great way to achieve healthy hydration without harmful plastic bottle pollution and the inconvenience of lugging heavy bottles of water.

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