Sofia Vergara had a medical area at her wedding for drunk guests

Sofia Vergara had a medical area at her wedding where guests could rehydrate after drinking too much.

The ‘Modern Family’ actress tied the knot with Joe Manganiello in Palm Beach, Florida, last November and ensured revelers could keep partying by ensuring there was an “IV station” set up to give people a pick-me-up from the alcohol.

Wedding guest and ‘Modern Family’ co-star Julie Bowen said: “It was crazy. You had to hydrate.

“They had a little ambulance truck, an IV station where you could go get IV hydration.”

Shocked talk show host Ellen DeGeneres replied: “Like, literally a needle goes into your arm and they give you hydration? That’s how much people were drinking?”

Julie confirmed: “Yes, I thought somebody had had a heart attack or there was an event, ’cause there was this first aid truck set up outside of the pool area where all the bungalows are. And there are people, sipping espresso, getting IV re-hydration.

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