Solms-Delta lives a transformation ethos

Among the tendrils of grape vines, the plump, juicy green and tempting, sultry red orbs, the workers at the innovative Solms-Delta wine estate get to crush the fruit and have their taste of the profits too.

Known for its prize-winning wines, wine tours and tastings, Solms-Delta, a farm with a rich history, lends one to believe that a happy worker is a productive worker. This philosophy is evident in the farm’s accolades. Solms-Delta is known as one of the country’s most progressive wine estates, and one that generates real results.

Located in the Franschhoek valley, in the heart of the Western Cape’s winelands, it acknowledges and recognises that everyone is the boss. The 180 inhabitants who live on the land are all shareholders in the business and they all benefit from the wine-making and the numerous other activities the farm offers.