Some Alcoholic Genius Is Opening A Whisky Hotel In London

A boutique hotel celebrating whisky is opening at the Black Rock bar in London.

The whisky bar, which opened in 2016, is home to more than 250 whiskies. Offering a second bar, blending room, and three overnight rooms, the award-winning whisky-focused bar in Hoxton is set to expand over five floors.

The ethos of owners Tom Aske and Tristan Stephenso is to ‘quash stuffy stereotypes about the whisky world’ with the bar featuring a pared back interior and a hip hop soundtrack.

The Black Rock Tavern bar opened earlier this month offering booth seating, five draught beers on tap, and a range of highball whisky cocktails.

The interiors feature a reclaimed oak bar, bamboo ceiling panels and graffiti wall art by artist Ryan Gajda.

A blending room will offer tastings and give guests the opportunity to create their own single malt whisky.

Black Rock Lodgings will follow with two ‘minimalist but luxurious’ rooms on the second floor and a larger suite on the floor above.

The hotel is already taking bookings for September onward.